Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orange Upside Down Cake

One of the best and easy cakes made with seasonal oranges. You will surely crave for more, check out my post - Orange upside down cake

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Deviled Eggs- my new addition to egg recipes

Bored with the usual recipes made out of eggs. Try experimenting and turn out eggs into a super hit snack . Check out my latest entry- Deviled Eggs.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Will be back soon......

hi all i apologise for not posting since a long time because of some personal reasons ....but now i'm back n will be posting soon .

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Banana rolls

Thinking about the easy & quick sweet ,i love making banana rolls .This recipe is good enough for people having sweet tooth & love for bananas .So lets jump to the recipe-

2 ripe medium sized bananas(cut into half)
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
3tbsp butter
2 drops vanilla essence
1/2 cup grated chocolate
oil for deep frying

some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
some pieces of tutti fruity
some grated chocolate

preparation time:-
20 min


1)Take butter and knead well in All purpose flour. Now add sugar in it. Mix well. Add water
and make dough.(consistency of the dough should not be tough ,it should be medium).
2)Take lemon sized ball of dough ,flatten it on your palm then keep the piece of banana & some chocolate in it & then roll it & close all the sides by applying some water.
3)Heat the oil & fry all the rolls.
4)Take out when golden brown .
5)Serve hot or cold with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream . Put some grated chocolate n some tutti fruity on top.

Monday, September 10, 2007

AAM Panna(Raw mango drink)

Whenever i see raw mangoes my mind just clicks to make some aam panna ......a wonderful drink that just soothes the whole body n is just so refreshing ......n one enjoys it most during summers.My husband just loves it but according to him the weather should be steamin hot to enjoy it the most ....but i love it anytime, so even if i get some out of season raw mangoes ,i just grab them to make panna.


2 raw mangoes(medium sized)
3/4 cup of sugar (u can add more if u like more sweet)
1/2 tsp rock salt
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
1-2 tsp of mint extract/mint paste
1 small cube of ginger


1) Take raw mangoes wash them properly n boil them til they are soft.
2)Let them cool .When they cool down take out the pulp .Mix all the ingredients.
3)Blend them in blender to make puree n strain it.
4) Store n refrigerate.
5) For making a glass take 3/4 glass of chilled water & mix 1/4 or more (according to your taste) of this mixture.Add some ice cubes & garnish with fresh mint leaf.Sip n enjoy.

This post of mine is for the monthly mingle being held by mita of What's For Lunch, Honey? The theme of this month's mingle is liquid dreams.So lets mingle n enjoy.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Potato spinach with milk base

Spinach is the leafy vegetable that is available for almost the whole year It is really famous for its high iron content but it’s a myth . The iron content is good enough as compared to other green leaves ,it also contains vitamin K& A, calcium ,manganese, magnesium, high fiber etc ,altogether it is full of nutrients. It should be washed well before using & blanched for 1 min for sweeter taste. Now lets head towards the recipe-


2 medium boiled potatoes(cut in medium sized cubes)

2 cups of washed & shredded spinach leaves

1 medium finely chopped onion

3-4 cloves of crushed garlic

½ tsp of shredded ginger

2 tbsp of butter or vegetable oil

½ tsp of cornstarch

½ cup of milk

3 tsp of thick cream

½ tsp of nutmeg powder

½ tsp of red chili powder

Pinch of turmeric powder

Salt according to taste

Preparation time:-15 min

Serves:- 2


1) Heat oil in a wok. Add onions sauté till slightly brown then add ginger & garlic ,chili powder, turmeric powder & sauté for another 3-4 min.

2) Now add spinach n close the lid n cook for 3-4 min.

3) Now add potatoes ,cover n cook again for 2 min.

4) Add some cornstarch in milk n add in the wok & let it simmer for 3 min.

5) Now add cream & nutmeg , cook for another 2 min .

6) Serve with chapattis or rice.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Vegetable Frittata (WBB #14)

This post refers to the WBB#14 hosted by Glenna created byNandita . Well this is my first post for a Blogging event .This recipe is fast ,simple & amazing if you are fond of eggs .


5 eggs
2 tbsp butter
2 cloves garlic minced
3-4 green onions sliced
3/4 cup of mushrooms diced
1 Bell pepper (green /red/both)deseeded & sliced
1 tomato sliced
1/2 zuchini sliced thinly
1 medium potato cooked n diced
1/4 tsp dried oregano
salt n pepper to taste
your favourite cheese cut in small cubes 1 cup

preparaion time -30 min
serves -4


1) Take a heavy ovenproof pan (9*9 dimension for thick omelet) melt butter & saute garlic, onions,bell pepper,mushrooms for 2-3 minutes,now add zuchini saute for 2-3 min,than add potaoes cook for 2 min , if dont have oven take a heavy bottom non stick pan with lid.
2) Preheat oven at 400'F.
3) Beat Eggs ,salt & pepper
4) Transfer the egg mixture on the top of sauted veggies in the pan ,put the layer of tomatoes & cheese cubes and sprinkle oregano .
5) Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes till egg is cooked . If using gas stove than cook for 6-8 min than cover the pan's lid for 5 min or until the cheese melts on low flame & than remove the lid to let the egg cook & gets crip for another 3-4 minutes(keep a check).
5) Remove from oven & garnish with parsely.

I used a big pan of so the frittata turned out to be thin use small pan to make thick one .For this 9*9 pan will be good enough.