Monday, April 30, 2007

selecting a lip color

The best way to find the right shade for you is to try it on. But here are a few guidelines to help you make a choice:
  • If you have dark skin you have the greatest flexibility: Plums, chocolates, reds, pastels and oranges all work with your skin. If you have a medium skin tone with golden undertones, all shades of red ,brown-based mauve, sheer berry or spicy brown can be wored. If you have pale skin try sheer shades,nudes, beige tones, light corals and light pinks will work for you.
  • Get a touch of color with a tinted gloss. Consider ruby or coffee shades for evening, and mauves, taupes and caramels for day.
  • Choose a lip liner that's a shade or two darker than your lipstick. Lining your lips will add definition and help keep your lip color from bleeding.
  • Balance heavy eye makeup with a more subdued lip color. Pair a bold lip color with softer eye makeup.
  • Skip pastel and frosted shades, which can leave Asian complexions washed out or flat. Do look for soft colors that have a delicate shimmer or subtle shine
  • Check out the new color sticks that can go from cheek to eyes to lips. This is a great option for busy, on-the-go gals, or those who prefer a simpler beauty regime.
  • A lip liner gives definition to the shape of your lips, helps prevent lipstick bleeding and also allows you to correct any little flaws in the shape of your lips. Select a lip liner close to your lipstick shade so there is no obvious line when lipstick is applied. Outline lips and if you fill in your lips with liner before applying lipstick, your lip color will last a lot longer. Now add lipstick. For a really professional, longer lasting finish, use a lip brush to apply lip colour. Then blot with tissue and apply one more coat.
  • Apply lip balm once a day or choose moisture-rich lip color formulas to counteract dry or chapped lips.
  • Light colours, including shiny or frosted emphasise lips and make them look larger. Dark and matte shades make lips look smaller
  • Never line your lips all the way to the edges. This makes them look wide. Instead, draw up to just before the edges. For the appearance of a small mouth, only draw to the edge of the fullest part of your bottom lip.
  • If you have light-colored eyes of blue, hazel, green or gray, a frosted lip color will bring a dazzling sparkle to your eyes.
  • Choosing lipstick, with blue in it ,helps your teeth look whiter.
  • NEVER apply too much shiny gloss to your lips, even without lipstick, as too much shine makes you look like you have been eating greasy food like chips! It is best to just buy a shimmery lipstick and forget about gloss .
  • According to dress colors-
    1. If you wear black, white, or nude colours, then your best accessory will be a bright lipstick in any hue of red, livening up your entire look. Apply lip gloss on top to magnify the effect .
    2. For a pastel or dark outfit, match lips with one of your outfit’s colours, but make it brighter. If you have the confidence to wear the boldest colours, then try making your lipstick and outfit palettes complementary instead of matching them.
    3. For a bright outfit, lighter or darker lips are best.
  • Depending on its texture-
    1. Transparent gloss makes the lips look full, sexy, and luscious.
    2. Sheer lipstick is ideal for natural, sensual lips, and suits women of every age group & can be worn every day.
    3. Opaque lipstick gives the best coverage.With bright,metallic &matte colors different looks can be created.
  • Varieties present now-a-days-
    1. Long lasting lipcolors-These lipsticks are more like a permanent lip color, which you literally paint on your lips and wait to dry. Once the color is dry, apply the clear top coat, which gives the lips moisture and shine. When using this type of lipstick, it is essential that the lips be well hydrated, since these formulas tend to be a bit drying.
    2. Liquid lip color- adds an intense shine on your lips, much more than lipstick. Liquid lip color glides on smoothly and is available in long wearing formula to last all day long. Lip color leaves the lips with a glossy shine and rich color. These lip colors come with a convenient wad that aids easy application.
    3. Lip stains- come with a brush that makes them easy to apply. Lip stains come in liquid form and are long wearing. They come in colors that easily blend with the natural skin tones. Sometimes, lip stains are used as blush too, applied to the cheekbones and blended with a sponge.
    4. Lip gloss- leaves the lips in its natural state, with just a hint of shine. Lipgloss can be found in refreshing shades ranging from deep bronze to pale pink or even coral or walnut brown.

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