Monday, May 7, 2007

application of concealer

Bemishes are common on skin. It can be amark on skin caused by pimples ,blocked pores or any other spot. Few make up supplies can easily conceal the blemishes........
  • Wash your hands & face properly, dirt will aggravate the blemish.
  • Because concealer can settle into even the finest lines and take on a flaky, cakey texture, it's important to moisturize the area you're concealing before applying the cosmetic. Pat a tiny bit of moisturizer (or eye cream) over areas and allow the lotion to sink into skin for at least ten minutes.
  • Choose a concealer according to the type & color of blemish you wanna hide.Concealer is a creamier foundation but with added pigments for specific parts of face.
  • Yellow tinted concealer can be used to hide red blemishes.
  • A little lighter concealer than your dark colored blemish can be used to hide dark spots.
  • Masking cosmeic can be used to hide more prominent blemishes like scars left by pimples or irregularities on skin.
  • Apply the concealer through your finger or eye shadow brush or a sponge.
  • Blend the edeges properly to match the sides of skin.
  • Use circular motion for blending.
  • Set with a special setting powder ,than apply foundation & powder.

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