Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Choosing the Concealer

Concealer is used to hide dark or brown spots, scars, pimple marks etc . Choose your concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. There are different types of concealers available in market.

  1. The liquid concealer-Those who have dry skin should choose the liquid concealer becoz of its moisturizing effect. The liquid concealer also helps to camouflage larger areas such as the dark circles around your eyes but they usually do not offer as much coverage as a solid stick concealer.
  2. Solid Concealer-It is considered better when it is time to hide certain problem areas such as pimples, scars and bruises.They are basically available in Stick or Wand types .They are said to provide direct on-the-spot application. Wand concealers are best used on light skin tones, because they don’t overpower the fair skin
  3. These are the two main types of concealers, you can also choose from Pot and Pencil concealers. Pencil concealers are ideal for covering tiny facial blemishes only, while pot concealers seem to work best for darker skin tones that need more coverage.

Concealer Tips

  • You should choose a makeup concealer that is not only lightweight but at the same time creamy also.
  • Test the variations of yellow based concealers since white, pink and green concealer can leave colors.
  • You should go for a concealer that is water-resistant and fragrance-free.
  • Use the brush to apply the concealer. It will enable you to place the concealer precisely where it is required, brush on with a soft flat brush.
  • In case you prefer to use your finger then opt for the ring finger, as it applies less pressure on your delicate skin.Gently pat concealer on with fingertips.
  • A yellow-based concealer is a best match for most of the skin tones while translucent powder helps it to set.
  • You should apply the concealer in the inner corners of the nose by the eyes and the dark areas under the eyes. To give a perfect look to your skin gently pat the concealer on with your fingertips and then cover the entire under-eye area and outside area of the eyes .
  • under eye concealer can be used to neutralize the purple or brown tones of bruising, under eye circles and . Concealer should cover entire under-eye, including outside of eye to give it lift. You should also note that the darker the circle is around your eyes the darker the concealer should be. You should test the color of a concealer over the foundation that you apply. The effect should be invisible.
  • Concealer first or foundation??? -With liquid or solid foundation you should apply the concealer after the foundation but with cream-to-powder foundation then use the concealer first and then the foundation..
  • To keep things as natural as possible,& for hiding fine lines apply your foundation first and then top up the cover on only the inner half of the under eye. This way you are not adding weight to the outer half .
  • If you are not using a color corrector then you should apply your foundation as normal. After that apply nearly dried concealer over the foundation in light patting strokes. And then reapply a bit of foundation in the same way.
  • Concealer for Sensitive Skin If your skin is sensitive then you should choose a concealer that contains only pure mineral pigment color and no dyes, oils, talc or starch.
  • Dry your pimple with the help of a blow dryer on low heat and then use a pointed brush to target the yellow-toned concealer that matches the tone of your foundation, which is dry and has a high pigment level, to the spot. Lightly press around the edges with fingers. Set with loose powder. You can also use concealer pencil for the purpose.
  • Remember that the concealer is only meant to hide small blemishes or unevenness in the skin and not to cover up major skin flaws.
  • This makeup must be applied in a very directional manner otherwise it might highlight the area rather than concealing it..


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