Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Selection of Blush

The right type of blush done in a right way can do wonders.There are many blushes available now-a-days.
  1. Powder blushes- These are best suited for oily skins, but will work for all skin types .,these are densest of all blushes so are the long lasting ones.
  2. Cream blushes- These are best for dry skins as they have moisturizing properties.They blend well and allow the skin to show through after application.
  3. Gel blushes- These are fast drying blushes & are meant for sheer glow. They work best for oily to normal skin but spread with difficulty on dry skin.
  4. Tint blushes –These are also fast drying ones so should be applied fast & properly.
  5. Shimmers- These are best during night & can be applied on forehead,inner side of eyes & upper bow of lips but should be applied with proper care as they accentuate the area.

Selection- Select a color of blush that resembles the natural glow of skin ,the blush should be applied in the inner side of wrist area & blended properly if it suits you then it ‘ll surely suit your cheeks. Choose a lighter color for day, and a darker one for evening look.

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