Tuesday, June 19, 2007

application of blush

  1. The most important thing is selection of right color that suits your skin .Apply blush first on the inner side of wrist area if it suits ,than it ‘ll suit your cheeks too .
  2. Try to avoid blue ,gray colors choose warm ,peaches pinks etc.
  3. The right color will bring out the blush that is present naturally.
  4. Choose the brush that is round from front & fits the size of the apple of your cheeks when you smile ,that is the perfect brush for you .The bristles of brush should not be too long.
  5. Taking the right amount of blush on brush is very important as too much of color will result in streaky application of blush.
  6. For taking the right amount of blush on brush pat the end of brush very lightly on the blush ,their will be little traces of color present on brush .Then shake the brush slightly ,don’t blow the brush.
  7. Now smile & tap the brush lightly on the apples of your cheeks ,never go back & forth as it becomes streaky so for the fine look tap it.
  8. The blush should be applied on the limited area that is it should on move beyond the eyebrows towards the forehead & not beyond the nose that is downwards. If it extends beyond this ,as it looks bad & distorts the bone structure.
  9. For powder/cream or gel blush normally one coat is enough for daytime .For night wear one can apply two coats.
  10. For shiny cheeks apply one thin layer of eye shadow on powder blush ,never try this on cream or gel blush as they ‘ll turn streaky.
  11. If your face is fuller apply blush outwards towards the temples.
  12. With high cheekbones apply it in center of face.
  13. In case of gel blush apply it in circular motion on cheekbone than blend it towards the hairline.

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