Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Types & Application of Eye shadow

Step one- Application of base

1) The Foundation matching the color of eye should be applied, blend it well.

2) Apply concealer to hide dark circles with ring finger or concealer brush.

3) Dust translucent powder with powder brush over foundation & concealer.

Step two- Basic Areas of application

1) The first area (A) is between the upper lash line & brow bone.The first base shade is applied here.

2) The second area (B) is the natural arc below the brow bone. The darker shade is applied in this arc that is below the brow bone & upper part of first zone area.

3) The third area (C) is above the brow bone below the arc of the eyebrow in the outward direction & can also be applied in the inner corner of the eye. The lightest color is applied in this area.

4) The fourth area (D) is below the lower lash ,usually an eyeliner or mascara or kajal does the trick for this area but now-a-days a light colored eyeshaow is applied foe the dramatic look.

Step three- Basic Types of eyeshadow

1) Creamy eye shadow- This type of eye shadow is creamy in texture & can be applied with the fingertip. Normally one shade works as it blends nicely .not more than two shades should be used otherwise it gives the grayish effect.

2) Loose powder eye shadow-This type of eye shadow is basically used for shiny effect rather than color-Use a big brush to apply all over the eyes.

3) Pressed powder eye shadow-This type of eye shadows comes in different colors. This is first applied with a sponge brush & than blended with the eye shadow brush.

Step four- Basic colors of application

1) The less the use of colors the less the defining capability ,so the more use of colors brings greater defining capability.

2) The colors should either belong to the same color family or should compliment each other.

3) The blending should be done perfectly such as there is no discrimination between the start & end of color.

4) The proper blending not only gives the natural look but also hides the fine lines .

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Jen said...

I was looking for something to explain to me the differences between pressed power and cream eyeshadow and your blog was the most helpful thing that I found. So thank you. I generally have problems applying eyeshadow, as I find that my eyes actually seem larger without it. Am I doing it wrong? I do seem to follow all the guidelines regarding colours and blending...