Monday, January 29, 2007

Hands & foot care

Following the skin care session lets move on to the hands & foot care which is ignored by many people ,thus results in dry ,rough hands & chapped feet.

So lets start with hands care-

1) Wear rubber gloves lined with cotton when your hands are in contact with harsh soaps, detergents or chemicals.

2) Wear gloves when doing work that might damage the hands or nails, such as gardening or cutting vegetables.

3) After your bath or any washing , always massage your hands with a lubricating cream. In fact, barrier creams should always be used when tackling particularly dirty and greasy jobs.

4) Get into the habit of giving yourself a weekly manicure, which will make your hands look good along with helping them to combat annoying problems like chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking.

5) If your nails persistently split and chip, then they probably need strengthening by regular use of one of the many nail hardeners in the market.Follow the nail care routine as posted in this blog earlier.

6) Every night, before bedtime, massage your hands with a cream for few minutes. You can mix glycerin, rose water &some lime juice & use this as night cream for hands & feet for excellent results. For an emergency treatment for coarse, rough skin, apply cream lavishly at bed time and go to sleep with cotton gloves on.

Foot care

This simple foot care routine does not take long-you can try it a couple of times in a week.

1) Remove obvious hard skin with a pumic stone . You might need to soak your feet in a bowl of fairly hot water, to soften the dirt and dead skin for fast removal. Do not cut hard skin it can cause infection.

2) Soak your feet for 5-10 min in a bowl of warm water to which you have added some mineral salts or palm sea salts. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to soothe aches and ease swelling or any other fragrance oil that soothes you.

3) Dry your feet well, especially between your toes, trim your toe nails .

4) Massage your feet with a nourishing cream by cupping your hands on either side of your foot and using your thumbs, firmly pressing the upper part of your foot while pushing your thumbs outwards.

5) Grasp each ankle and gently massage the ankle bone in a circular motion to ease away any stiffness.

6) Wipe off excess grease of your nails and place cotton wool tufts between your toes to keep them separate.

7) Apply a base coat of nail polish and then cover it with the second coat if required. Whenever you apply nail polish, start in the middle of the nail with one quick stroke and then work outwards.

8) Wait for at least 1/2 an hour to dry completely.

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