Monday, January 22, 2007

Skin care for healthy and glowing skin

After the daily skin care post I think the best thing will be to have a post on healthy and glowing skin . For this one needs to follow the daily skin care routine with application of good face packs and masks .

  1. Add a pinch of Soda Bicarbonate in hot water and take steam ,this will open the pores ,removes dirt and impurities from within the skin and clears it .this can be done once or twice in two weeks.
  2. For blackheads and whiteheads -after taking steam add a little bit of sugar in salt and gently massage your face with wet hands, do not rub your face.Wash away with cold water.
  3. After doing the above two steps now is the turn for application of face packs and face masks to close the pores again.
  • - Take two spoons of milk powder or wheat flour add one spoon of cream (for dry and normal skin, people with oily skin can avoid cream) half a spoon of lemon juice and some milk to make smooth paste .Apply this allover the face and leave it till dry . Moist the face with lukewarm water and wipe away with cotton ball or sponge .This gives glow and makes the skin soft.
  • - Soak two almonds & make paste ,add two spoons of milk ,one spoon each of carrot & orange juice apply it on face & neck leave it for half an hour . It gives glow ,improves complexion ,makes skin smooth & soft & lighten up pigmentation marks. This pack can be applied daily.
  • - Boil orange peels & carrot in water, let them cool & then crush them & mix to make a smooth paste ,add half a spoon of honey & cream(for dry & normal skin) ,apply it on face .let it remain on face for 15-20 min ,then rub on face & neck & wash away .This pack is a very good skin tonic.
  • - Extract the apple pulp & add two spoons of milk cream (for dry & normal skin) ,& half a spoon of honey .apply on face for 15 min ,massage it nicely ,wash with lukewarm water & then with cold water.This apple pack is very beneficial for skin specially for oily skin.
  • - Take the juice of two cabbage leaves , one-fourth spoon of barley flour or milk powder ,one spoon of honey ,mix all & apply on face & neck .clean it with wet cotton after 15 min ,it gives glow & removes wrinkles & dryness.

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