Monday, February 5, 2007

Neck & back Skin care

People take good care of skin but normally forget to include neck & back skin .Having a long ,curved neck with a sexy back is a wish of all… cannot stretch & make his neck long but can take good care to make it attractive .Here are some tips-

Neck care-

  1. Always treat neck as a part of your face .Clean & moisturize your neck as you do with your face. Apply cream or moisturizers from nape of neck to chin area in upward motion never give downward strokes.
  2. Massage your neck daily with upward strokes for a minute or two before going for bath.
  3. Never use talcum powder on your neck ,this closes the pores & gives black patches.
  4. Use sunscreen on neck also .
  5. Pull your head at the back stretch as much as you can then bring it forward slowly ,try to touch your chin with upper part of chest ,this reduces extra fat from neck & increases blood circulation.

Back care-

  1. Treating back-acne is important – a)First, keep yourself clean and never let perspiration dry off you. Dried perspiration aids to the clogging of pores. Take a shower to wash the sweat off your skin as soon as you are done with any strenuous, perspiring activity. Even if you did not do anything that made you sweat profusely, make it a point to wash your skin twice a day anyway, using mild soap and warm water. b) Use an exfoliant, a toner and a restoring lotion to clean the affected area. It is understandable that the affected area may be a part of your back that you cannot see, so it is best to reach that part using a back scrubber in cleaning it. Your cleanser should be mild; abrasive and harsh cleaners will only worsen the condition rather than alleviate it. After stepping out of the shower, dry your skin thoroughly and apply an ointment over the affected area that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. c) Sometimes, bacne can get quite stubborn. Stubborn bacne is hereditary. If it proves to be persistent, or is becoming painful or a bane to your self-confidence, you should see a dermatologist about it. The dermatologist may prescribe antibiotics for the condition.
  2. Mix lime juice with sugar such that sugar don’t get dissolved in it ,apply it on your back & rub gently (take assistance) ,then wipe it off with sponge or cotton ball.
  3. Use a good back brush to clean your back properly.
  4. Always apply moisturizer after taking bath to prevent dryness .

Packs for neck & back-

  1. Take one spoon of barley flour, gram flour, little bit of curd ,few drops of rose water & apply it on your neck & back ,leave for 10 min then massage the neck & back properly . This is the best pack to make skin soft & smooth.
  2. Take some turmeric, gram flour & lemon juice ,mix them well apply on neck & back ,this cleans the skin & clears complexion & removes black patches.


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Anonymous said...

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Ingrid R. said...

THANK YOU for posting about back skin care!!! It is so hard to find great tips about it, it seems we all forget about the back & neck, especially in the summer when that part of your body is exposed.
Great tips!!!