Monday, February 26, 2007

General hair care tips

In our daily routine we do certain things that affects the health of our hair , so if one takes proper measures & care than that could result in good quality of hair .Here are certain tips that could improve the quality & look of hair.

General tips-

  1. Take proper balanced diet ,eating nutritiously greatly affects our hair .Include good protein diet in your regime & drink lots of water.
  2. Take good sleep.
  3. Avoid excessive stress, smoking & exercise or yoga regularly.
  4. Keep check on dandruff & split ends .Trim your hair at regular intervals.

Applying hair products-

  1. Avoid using products directly on your scalp ,this can clog the pores of hair & can also cause dandruff.
  2. Don’t use products with alcohol in them or use them occasionally .

Drying techniques-

  1. Never rub hair harshly with towel to dry them .
  2. Use cool setting in hair dryer while using it. Never use blow dryer at one place & too close for long time .
  3. Try to dry hair naturally by patting your hair first with towel & then let it dry naturally.

Combing & brushing-

1. Do not use comb on wet hair ,this will cause breakage .Try to untangle using your fingers when hair is wet ,then use comb with wide teeth when they dry up & then use brush after this.

2. Use brush with soft teeth this will cause less damage.

3. Never use upward strokes with comb or brush or avoid back combing.

4. Begin combing first from ends by holding the hair firmly ,then move upwards.

5. Avoid using lotions that untangle hair on regular basis ,use them when hair gets tangled badly.

6. At least brush or comb your hair twice a day ,this improves blood circulation.

7. Never use brush with sharp teeth .They tear the hair apart.

8. Choose brush according to the texture of hair i.e thick long hair needs bigger brush with stiff bristles ,Fine silky hair needs very soft brush ,while short & curly hair needs narrow brush with bristles widely spaced.

Shampooing & conditioning-

  1. Use shampoo & conditioners that suit your hair type.
  2. Never rub the shampoo harshly on hair.
  3. Wet your hair or rinse them first ,then take shampoo mix it with some water then apply this on scalp & gently massage it with your finger tips to create lather then gently massage it down the length of hair .
  4. Rinse the shampoo properly .Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  5. Condition your hair as mentioned in the last post on “Hair care”.


1. Always wear cap while swimming to avoid contact of hair with chlorinated water ,if not then wash your hair immediately after swimming & use conditioner.

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