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First you should know that a person's entire body surface continuously sheds dead skin cells. The skin itself sheds every twenty-four days. Dandruff is the result of the normal growing process of the skin cells of the scalp. Shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp at an excessive rate, is the result of the normal growing process of the skin cells of the scalp. Dandruff can cause either an overly dry scalp with itchy white flakes that may be waxy or greasy or dandruff can manifest as an oily greasy scalp with scales.

Internal Causes

Hormonal imbalance ,poor health, poor hygiene, allergic , hypersensitivity, lack of rest, emotional stress, excessive consumption of sugar, fat, starch, improper nutrition, heredity predisposition .

External Causes

Excessive use of hair sprays and gels ,improper use of hair-coloring products or excessive use of hot hair curlers or curling irons, cold weather and dry indoor heating, stress and anxiety, infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair.


  1. Massage your scalp with baby oil .Then shampoo with mild shampoo you can use baby shampoo. Repeat it daily till dandruff goes off completely.
  2. Massage scalp with Aloe-vera gel (use generously),then shampoo with ,mild shampoo. Repeat 2-3 times a week.
  3. Soak 2 tbsps of fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind & make paste & apply on scalp for half-an-hour ,then rinse with water.
  4. Soak some neem leaves in water for overnight ,give rinse with this water or grind neem leaves & apply paste on scalp leave for 20 min then rinse off .Repeat 2-3 times a week.
  5. Apply warm coconut oil or mix half a lemon juice and apply on scalp ,leave for half-an–hour then shampoo.
  6. Cut onion into half rub on scalp ,then wash hair with sulphur based shampoo.
  7. Give last rinse with 2tsps of vinegar mixed in water then cover hair with shower cap & then comb with fine toothed comb.
  8. Boil 4-5 thyme in water for few minutes ,then cool mixture & apply on scalp & leave it for 45 min then rinse off.
  9. Rub olive oil on scalp ,keep it for 1 hr then shampoo.
  10. Make a paste of lime juice & garlic ,apply on scalp ,keep it for half-an-hour then shampoo with sulphur based shampoo .
  11. Make hair damp ,apply little mayonnaise on scalp .Wash off after half-an-hour.
  12. Take 6 tsps of water ,add 2 tsps of vinegar apply on scalp leave it overnight.Wash off next day ,give last rinse with vinegar mixed in water ,repeat 2-3 times in a week for 3 months.
  13. Regularly comb your hair & wash when required .Take lots of vitamin B foods in diet .Drink lots of water.

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