Monday, March 26, 2007

Split Ends

Split ends is the most common problem that is faced by everyone .It damages hair in such a way that you can’t repair it. They happen when the proactive cuticle gets stripped away from ends .Splits can be 2-3 cms in length.


  1. Dry hair often split faster than any other type.
  2. Over brushing & exaggerated backcombing .
  3. Brushing wet hair.
  4. Excessive coloring or perms.
  5. Frequent use of heated appliances.
  6. Towel drying should be avoided.
  7. Frequently blow drying hair.
  8. Bad quality elastic bands & hair accessories.
  9. Inadequate balanced diet & low consumption of protein & avoiding fats totally.


  1. Proper hair conditioners & hair packs should be applied in order to prevent dry hair.
  2. Split ends should be cut every six weeks. As long as you ‘ll avoid them the worse will be the situation.
  3. Hair should be dried properly before brushing it in order to avoid breakage.
  4. Colored & permed type of hair needs extra care and should be treated with the appropriate products. Use a lot of conditioner and comb your hair through before
    rinsing it out.
  5. Try to avoid using heated hair appliances as much as possible! If you are using them anyway, make sure to protect your precious locks with a protective product.
  6. You should dry your hair and then carefully comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Avoid using a hair dryer as much as possible since the heat won't do any good to your hair.
  7. Avoid using uncovered elastic bands since these often pull out hair when being removed. Other accessories will damage or weaken the ends of the hair. If you put your hair in a ponytail, use a scrunchie; when wearing barrettes, take care not to catch hair in the metal clip.
  8. Protect your hair from extreme weather. Wear a hat on sunny days and keep hair well moisturized in the dry winter months.
  9. Use frequently leave-in conditioner with light hold or a pomade just at the ends.
  10. Eat well balanced diets that include healthy proteins, along with foods high in vitamin B, C, E, A and K.
  11. Apply vitamin E oil or split ends serum or olive oil at ends once in a week .
  12. Apply Aloe-vera gel or mineral oil at ends after washing hair.

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