Monday, April 2, 2007

Choosing Foundation for skin

An attractive makeup application must begin with a foundation that blends smoothly and evenly, merging with your skin. Even if you feel that you need a foundation that provides good coverage, obvious coverage is a mistake and can negatively affect your entire makeup application. The primary goal when shopping for foundation is to be sure it matches your skin exactly. Avoid ever buying a foundation to alter skin color because in daylight or office lighting, it will appear completely unnatural.

Acne Prone Skin And Oily Skin:

Oil-free, matte or semi-matte foundations are best, because they are least likely to aggravate the acne. However, these do not cover or last as well as the oily foundations, they are more difficult to apply and tend to collect around skin blemishes. Loose transparent powders applied over the oil-free foundation gives longer coverage. For skin with many comedones, sheer foundations are best. Inflamed acne needs moderate coverage, acne scars may need a cake foundation with minimum oil. Water-based creams or alcohol-based liquids can be used under the foundation. If medicated gels are applied they need to be allowed to dry before the foundation is used.

Normal Skin:

Moist semi-matte foundations are very good, especially if there is not too much oil present. Sheer is good for those who only need some skin colour. Moderate coverage may be desirable if your skin has variable colors from chronic sun damage.Flawless skin needs no foundation.

Dry Skin:

Oil-based or water based foundations with a moderate degree of oil give you the best chance of retaining moisture in your skin. The oil will give a semi-matte finish, and will be easier to apply.

Younger people may prefer a moderately sheer, moist semi-matte look, and powder can be added to reduce the shine. Older individuals may want to use moderate coverage that does not accentuate their wrinkles.

If you have very dry skin, a soufflé foundation may be more helpful because they are oilier and thicker. However, this can accentuate wrinkles, another option might be to apply a moisturizer followed by a less moisturizing foundation.

Combination Skin:

The oily areas i.e the T-Zone should be treated with an astringent, and the dry areas moisturized with an oil-free product.

Acne Scars:

  • Oily or silicone based foundations are needed and should be used with little or no water.

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