Monday, April 9, 2007

Choosing skin cleansers

A good cleanser not only removes make-up but also exfoliate dead cells & helps out from the problem of closed pores.Thus , one should take care of following while choosing a good face wash-
  1. It should be mild
  2. Should maintain natural PH balance .
  3. Hydrate the skin.
  4. Do the deep cleansing.
  5. No artificial colours or deodorisers should be present.
  6. It should not be allergic to skin .Now a days there is huge range of face washes that contain glycerin,aroma oils,flower extracts,vitamin E& C,medicated etc but one should choose it according to individuals skin type.
  7. If your skin is sensitive then don't use perfumed formulated cleanser otherwise it may result in itching or stretchiness.
  8. If the skin has acne problem then take medicated,Neem based or anti acne cleanser.
  9. To maintain the moisture of dry skin choose oil or glycerin based cream cleanser.
  10. For combination skin use mild milky cleanser.
  11. For normal skin type use moisturising formula based cleanser.
  12. For hydrating the skin use vitamin E based cleanser.
  13. For dry & flaky skin use exfoliating cleanser.
  14. Use anti bacterial or oil free cleanser on skin that sweats more & is oily.
  15. For relaxation use cleanser with essential oils
Cleansing is done in morning & evening & should be done at night also in order to deeply clean the skin that bears full day make-up ,sweating, oiliness & impurities that get inside the pores .If one sleeps like that than it will result in acne or skin allergy.
  1. First remove eye makeup.For removing mascara dip cotton bud in eye cleansing lotion & remove mascara from eye lashes.
  2. Than for removing eye liner & eye shadow take eye makeup remover bud on cotton on gently remove .
  3. Then take face cleansing cream ,apply it on nose,chin ,forehead & cheeks & starting from neck area massage in upward direction .In the end massage eyes & nose.
  4. While cleansing face give gentle strokes with fingers in circular motion .In the end wipe out with tissue paper.
  5. After removing make up wash face with face wash & splash water on skin.
One should tone & moisturise skin as many times cleansing is done .if skin is dry & mature than it should be nourished properly .If its oily than use rose water or astringent lotion for toning.

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