Thursday, August 2, 2007

Curd n Mango Delight

Well i'm late for this post ......too busy with my baby this week, so i tried somehing that was simple ,quick but yet lip smacking. So i should rush to the recipe....


Hung curd(curd hung for 2 hrs in a cloth to take out extra water)or set curd -1cup
Ripe Mango pulp-1 cup
1/2 cp of crushed plain marie or coconut biscuits
3 tbsp 0f sugar(you can add more according to your sweetness requirement)
1-2 drops of red color
1/4 tsp of cardamom powder

1) Take curd,2 tbsp of sugar & cardamom powder ,blend it with a hand blender or whisk it properly till sugar dissolves n it becomes a smooth paste.
2) Now take mango pulp & 1 tbsp of sugar & blend properly to make smooth paste.
3) Take a glass first put a layer of curd ,than put some crushed biscuits ,then put a layer of mango pulp,then again a layer of biscuit crumble .
4) Now mix some red color in curd ,dont mix it well just fold the color twice & make a layer of it ,then again biscuit- mango - biscuit & than in last the curd layer with biscuit & decorate with a mango skin flower.
5) chill n serve.

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TBC said...

How creative of you to make something like that!